Family Hope Center is a safe haven for children, adolescents and adults with social, mental and physical challenges. The center was established in the aim to provide the necessary resources to support both the individuals with special needs and their families, living in Qatar, and to create an outlet to connect them to each other and to the world.

Our Vision

Family Hope Center aims to enable parents through guidance, support and continuity, to help their special children grow, while restoring the balance in their own lives and not having to constantly live in crisis mode. We want parents, who are feeling lonely and isolated, to feel embraced and supported. We want to see special children getting the treatments and interventions they need to be able to fulfil their embedded potentials and to truly succeed.

Our Mission

H  –  HONESTY in every advice, act and decision

O  –  OPPORTUNITY to learn, develop and grow

P  –  POWER to fulfill existing potentials and cultivate new ones

E  –  EXPECTATION that are met through continuity and true efforts.


  1. Provide on-site therapeutic services and programs for both the special ones and their families.
  2. Enable networking opportunities through e-mail to foster connections among families of the special ones. (we are the founder of Parents of special needs Qatar group)
  3. Provide a comprehensive website to bring, quickly and easily, much-needed resources to the families.
  4. Increase awareness and understanding within the general population through advocacy and community partnerships.